Just For Read

Every week I made different dishes and some are recipes that I get from other sources. Of course, I wish to share the dishes that I made but not necessarily sharing the recipes. So, I hope you enjoy reading through my posts as much as I enjoy trying different recipes!


The Perfect Cake For You

Valentine’s Day has just passed and it has been lovely for many to celebrate with their special ones. What does Valentine’s mean to you? Does it carries any significance to you at all? What’s your preferred way to celebrate it? During this season, it feels right for me to share the cake my husband loves…

CNY Bakes Y2020

The celebration of the Lunar New Year 2020 (aka Chinese New Year) is officially over. But still, I want to wish those who celebrated a ‘Happy Chinese New Year’. This year I didn’t bake as much as I normally would. I managed to make 3 kek lapis (i.e. layered cakes) – 2 baked and 1…

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