Crispy Fried Noodle With Gravy

If you ever patron a Chinese restaurant, you might find this dish on their menu. This is a dish I will look out for whenever I dine in a Chinese restaurant ~ it is easily one of my favorites. I love the crispy part of the noodles as well as the part that has been softened by the gravy. If it is served with seafood such as prawn, I love it even more.

Well, this dish is simple to make, maybe fool-proof??? Personally, I feel that you can’t go wrong with this dish…it is really straightforward.

Some of the ingredients used: 6 egg noodles, 2 carrots, 8 pieces of cabbage, 5 cloves of garlic, 1 chicken breast, 15 raw prawns

Click on my youtube video for the process of making this sumptuous dish.

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Some pointers to consider:

Cabbage ~ In my video, I have shown how to to tear the cabbage into smaller pieces by hand. Well, that’s what I normally do. It’s better to discard the middle, harder part of the cabbage for an easier bite. Alternatively, you can use a knife to cut the cabbage into square shape.

Egg noodles ~ This can be easily found in Asian grocery stores. Egg noodles ranges from a pale yellow to a more golden color. One of the reasons is due to the added yellow coloring used by the manufacturer to make it looks more eye-catching. There are 2 methods that I have used to fry noodles: 1. Deep-fried method 2. Pan Fried Method. There is another method I just thought of…baking it in the oven. Mmm, I have not tried this yet but I will share how it turns out if I do!

Deep-Fried Method: Since I’m using egg noodles without added yellow coloring, it remains pale in color even after deep-fried. If this method i used, the noodles is evenly crisp and can be kept if not consuming on the same day. Store in an air-tight container at room temperature. To be on the safe side, I store it in the fridge.

Fried Noodles using deep-fried method

Pan-fried method: If you don’t like to handle too much oil or deep-fried is just not on your list, why not try to pan-fried it? For this method, the noodles will turn golden brown since little oil is used. It may not be a nice crisp as the deep-fried method but it is still good! Use just enough cooking oil to coat a wide saucepan, once heated, add in a small batch (just enough to coat the pan) of egg noodles to fry on medium heat. Make sure that egg noodles are widely spread out on the pan so that the egg noodles are as crispy as possible. Once the noodles turns crispy, flip it on another side to fry until crispy. It takes a little patience for the noodles to turn crispy. Add more cooking oil if required to prevent the egg noodles from getting burnt.

Protein of your choice ~ It is really a personal preference on the meat to use…if you love seafood, why not try a combination of calamari, prawn and octupus? The type of meat used has a subtle difference in the flavor and taste of the gravy…that makes sense, right? For this recipe, I used a combination of prawn and chicken. Other meats such as beef or pork can be used too.

In Malaysia, we like to serve noodles with some chopped red chilli, minced garlic and soy sauce.



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