Ramen Eggs (Ajitsuke Tamago)

I shared briefly how to make ramen eggs in one of my previous posts, Miso Ramen, Ramen Egg & Chashu. I decided to do another post solely on ramen egg. I am not sure why is it called ramen egg in English…probably because it is usually served with ramen and thus become highly associated with it??? Anyway, the Japanese term is Ajitsuke Tamago (味付け卵) which literally means marinated egg. Apart from ramen, it is served in a variety of ways, as a side dish or wrap with ground meat and coated with panko for as a fried food.


I love to eat eggs irregardless of how it is made, be it hard boiled eggs, omelette, sunny side up, salted eggs (eggs brined in salt water), steamed eggs (or chawan mushi), tea eggs (eggs cooked in spices and tea for hours) or century eggs (preserved black eggs). Ramen egg is definitely in my list! I love the slightly gooey and custard-like texture of the egg yolk with the marinated egg white! And, it is extremely easy to make at home!

Watch my youtube video below on how to make ramen egg ~~

Several pointers to consider when making ramen egg:-

  • Cooking Time & Heat Settings – Do not cook the eggs more than 7 minutes. In the video, I showed 2 outcomes using different heat settings and cooking time. It matters whether a gas stove or electric stove is used as heat temperature differs. But as a general guideline, cook using medium or medium high heat. When it comes to the texture of the egg yolk, it is crucial to know your preference. If a really gooey egg yolk is preferred, cook for 6 minutes 20 seconds on medium heat. If you prefer a slight gooey and more custard-like texture, cook for 6 minutes 30 seconds on medium high heat.
  • Vinegar & Salt mixture – This is optional but consider to add this into the boiling water while cooking the eggs. It helps to peel the egg shells more easily! Alternatively, baking soda can be used too.
  • Ice bath – This is a MUST or the ramen egg will not turn out as desired. It helps to prevent further cooking of the egg and create a firm egg white while the egg yolk remains half-cooked.
  • Time to marinate – For better result, marinate overnight.

To get a written copy of this recipe, click on the link below :-


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