A quick, hassle-free meal of thinly sliced beef infused in a sweet soy-based gravy served over rice ready in just 30 minutes. Yes, it is easy, it is fool proof, it is delicious and, most importantly, it is easy to clean up!

Honestly, I have only tasted gyudon multiple times in a Japanese fast-food chain, Yoshinoya, when I was living in Japan. I am sure many other restaurants served gyudon but the moment I thought about gyudon, Yoshinoya is my to-go restaurant. It is decent good food at an affordable price.


Since moving to the US, I have made gyudon many times after spotting shaved beef in the grocery store. Thinly sliced beef is not widely available in the grocery stores near me so I am thrilled to get shaved beef. Though the texture is slightly different, the taste has a close resemblance to Yoshinoya’s.

Gyudon literally means beef bowl. The ingredients to make gyudon are simple and each and every ingredient heightens the flavor of this dish. The use of kelp and bonito flakes produce a distinctive savory taste that essentially improves the flavor. The beef infused with the soy-based gravy is subtly sweet and rich in umami flavor that is so irresistible. Yellow onion also adds a tint of sweetness. And the very nature of short grain rice – round, fluffy, high absorption – makes for a well-rounded dish. This dish is so satisfying. And it is sure to pleased.

Watch the YouTube video below on how to make gyudon. Alternatively, please scroll down for a downloadable pdf copy of this recipe.

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