Chinese Cabbage Rolls

A generous fillings of chopped pork, shrimps and mushrooms, these cabbage rolls have a light umami flavor and pleasantly delightful. I have used Chinese cabbage as a wrapper for its tenderness and velvety texture. Chinese cabbage is also known by different names such as napa or long cabbage. It is widely used in Asian cooking to make soups, kimchi or stir fry.

The recipe is pretty much straightforward but it takes a little extra effort and time to make it. It is one of those dishes that when you try it, it ingrained in your mind and becomes a dish to crave for.  This dish is a reminiscent of dim sum which to me means a heavenly and satisfying meal. Trust me, it is worth the effort and time.

For this recipe, I won’t recommend store-bought ground pork or even be tempted to mince the pork and shrimps using a food processor. Instead, employ the old school way of using a knife to finely chop the pork, shrimps and mushrooms. This takes time but…THIS changes the ball game and makes a world of difference. The texture is so much smoother and each bite is heavenly.

Watch the YouTube video to make this wonderful dish.

Alternatively, please click on the button below for the full recipe in pdf format. Hope you enjoy this dish as much as I do.

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